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GOPAC Branches Into Federal Races for 2014

GOPAC, the organization that aims to build the local Republican bench, will announce on Wednesday a new initiative to push its candidates to seek federal office in 2014.

Called Up is a program that will direct a larger portion of GOPAC’s resources to federal elections, both with independent expenditures and strategic advice for the candidates running.

“Much like in Major League Baseball, we have diligently worked to foster the talents of young leaders and build a deep bench of battle-tested candidates,” GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli said in a news release. “These rising conservative stars have proven themselves on the state and local levels, and it is now time to call them up to higher office.”

The first candidate the group will endorse and help this cycle is state Rep. Chad Fincher, who is running in a crowded special-election primary in Alabama’s 1st District.

The group declined to estimate how much money it will spend on the program, or how many current GOPAC candidates it plans to promote this cycle, saying the program is in its early stages.

“Starting with the Alabama special election and continuing into the 2014 cycle, ‘Called Up’ will allow us to re-engage on the federal level, foster our talented state legislators into higher office, and attain the culmination of GOPAC’s vision,” Donatelli said in the release.