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Internet-Related Firms Lobby Congress

More and more interest groups are using the Internet and technology to lobby Congress and the executive branch, and that includes Internet-related companies.

Here is a quick look at the reported second-quarter lobbying expenditures of a wide range of Internet-related companies.

National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. $4,660,000
Google Inc. $3,360,000
Microsoft Corporation $2,960,000
IBM Corporation $1,900,000
CTIA – The Wireless Assn. $1,890,000
Oracle Corporation $1,660,000
Hewlett-Packard Company $1,504,000
FaceBook Inc. $1,060,000
Amazon $860,000
Yahoo! Inc. $720,000
Apple $690,000
Intuit $600,000
Dell Inc. $480,000
The Internet Assn. $400,000