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Victims of Terrorism Lobby for Relief

The American victims of the 1985 Rome airport attack and the Egypt Air 648 attack are still lobbying Congress and the State Department for relief. Their complex issue touches on areas of foreign relations, homeland security, torts, foreign trade, appropriations, banking and finance.

The lobby firm of Heideman Nudelman & Kalik are working for Cecile Buonocore and other American victims of the Rome attack. The firm lobbies the House, Senate and Department of State for “Congressional support to urge Libya to resolve the claims of the United States victims who were injured and/or killed on December 27,1985, and their family members, as a result of the Libyan-sponsored terrorist attack on the Fiumicino Airport, a/k/a Leonardo da Vinci Airport, in Rome Italy.”

The firm’s lobbyists include Richard Heideman, Noel Nudelman and Tracy Kalik.