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Super PACs Rake In More $100K+ Donations

Super PACs, with their ability to receive donations of unlimited amounts, have continued to receive contributions of more than $100,000 this year.

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic-aligned super PAC, reported a dozen donors giving more than $100,000. The PAC raised $2,864,014 during the first six months of this year. Major donors included $400,000 from Anne Earhart (self-employed investor, CA); $300,000 Paul Egerman (consultant, eScription, MA); $200,000 from Stephen Silberstein (retired, CA); $150,000 from Susie Buell (retired, CA); $150,000 from Lee Fikes (president, Bonanza Oil Company, TX; $125,000 from Barbara Stiefel (retired, FL); $100,000 from AFSCME Employees; $100,000 from David DesJardins (consultant, CA); $100,000 from Wayne Jordan (owner, Jordan Real Estate Investments, CA); $100,000 from the National Education Assn; $100,000 from Terrence Turner (writer, NY); $100,000 from Henry Van Ameringen (retired, NY).

American Crossroads, a Republican aligned super PAC, reported it raised $1,856,588 in the first six months of the year. Major donors were the Contran Corporation (TX) giving $1 million; Rooney Holdings Inc. (OK) givng $150,000; Andrew Sabin (owner, Sabin Metal Corporation, NY) giving $100,000; Skybridge Capital II LLC (NY) giving $100,000; among others.

Liberty Principles PAC Inc., a Republican aligned super PAC, reported Richard Uihlein (CEO, Uline Corporation, IL) gave $280,000.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican aligned super PAC, reported it received $125,000 from John Childs (chairman, J.W. Childs Associates, FL) and $100,000 from T. Star III LLC (NV).

Other donors giving $100,000 or more to other super PACs have been listed in earlier posts.

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