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7 Must-Follow Lawmakers on Twitter

The most interesting politicians on Twitter are the ones who show the most personality, which certainly creates heartburn for their press staffers but sometimes delivers amusing glimpses into their lives.

This is especially important during recess when lawmakers are home in their natural habitats, while the denizens of D.C. have little to do.

So without further ado, a few folks you should follow on the Twitter machines — because why not inflate the egos of senators and congressmen on a recess Friday?

1. @ChuckGrassley: The original best Senate tweeter. “Assume deer dead” is part of the D.C. dork lexicon, which is a testament to the strength of personal candor and our own nerdiness. But really, how else would we be able to see the biggest pig at the Iowa State Fair? No way else.

ChuckGrassley ‏@ChuckGrassley
Biggest pig Iowa StFair

2. @ChrisMurphyCT: Check out this tweet, bro. One hashtag, two words: #

: Check out this tweet, bro. One hashtag, two words: #buttvine. Then jokes about said #buttvine

. Then jokes about said #buttvine here and

and here.

Chris Murphy @ChrisMurphyCT
Let thou who hast never sent out a pocket vine AND pocket tweet within two weeks cast the first stone.

3. @jahimes: The Twitter Robin to Senate Bro Murphy’s Batman. Or Something. This feed’s got it all!

: The Twitter Robin to Senate Bro Murphy’s Batman. Or Something. This feed’s got it all! Ricky Bobby jokes AND

AND pickles.


Jim Himes @jahimes
Stand back jack! Seizing on this overcast day to make pickles!

4. @clairecmc: Come for the 140-character opinions, stay for the baby pictures.

Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc
Pure Sunday bliss with my grandson.

5. @farenthold: No filter, no problems. I mean just look at this royal baby joke. Don’t you hear the “ba dum ch”  in your head? You do.

Blake Farenthold @farenthold
Congrats to Prince William & Kate on the birth of the #RoyalBaby. The baby weighed a little over 8 pounds. Or about $12.29 in US dollars.

6. @SteveWorks4You: The

: The most HOH-documented Twitter feed for a reason. The “just let it happen” approach to social media.

Rep. Steve Stockman ‏@SteveWorks4You
He’s doing an impression of MSNBC’s ratings. MT @ktumulty I’m sharing the MSNBC green room with a deceased #olinguito

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t note that Stockman’s communications director, Donny Ferguson (@DonnyFerguson) ghost-writes most of Stockman’s tweets. So follow him, too.

7. @mocowan: No longer in Congress but still the best. Everybody likes Mo Cowan in real life. Everybody should like him on Twitter. #bowties

Mrs @mocowan (born in Brooklyn) just kicked it up a notch when Jay Z ripped into “Empire State of Mind”. #iaintmadather

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