Patrick Leahy ‘Batty’ for Ben Affleck

Posted August 23, 2013 at 11:59am

The Internet continues battling it out over whether Ben Affleck is “daredevil” enough to successfully play Bruce Wayne in the Superman-Batman team up Warner Bros. has slotted for release in 2015. But “Dark Knight” alumnus Patrick J. Leahy has endorsed the Beantown native.

The Vermont Democrat and ardent comic book fan praised Affleck as a solid pick to play the brooding billionaire cum cowl-donning vigilante. Given that he worked with the late, great Heath Ledger, we’re willing to trust Leahy’s judgment — for now.

Cinephiles, on the other hand, are being far less charitable toward Affleck, lumping him in with other fatally flawed, comic book hero-casting decisions. For example:



To be fair, the Oscar-winning director is man enough to mock his own less-than stellar performances.