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Outcast Nick Everhart Lands at GOP Direct-Mail Firm (Updated)

Updated 2:07 p.m. | Nick Everhart, formerly a top Republican ad-maker, has a new job at Majority Strategies, a Florida-based GOP direct mail firm.

Everhart was abruptly fired via email in April from his position as president of The Strategy Group for Media, a GOP ad firm. The Ohio-based company made television spots for Republicans all over the ballot, and Everhart was at the center of many of those productions.

Everhart will be a national salesman in his new job, according to a release. At SGM, he pitched to clients and was also involved in ad production.

“Nick Everhart has proven himself to be one of the most talented operatives in Republican politics today,” Majority Strategies President Brett Buerck said in a release. “He brings an invaluable wealth of experience, insight and political intuition to our firm.”

After his termination, Everhart’s former boss at SGM, Rex Elsass, sued him for violating a non-compete agreement. At issue is how broadly to interpret the agreement that Everhart signed two weeks before his termination.

However, SGM is not contesting Everhart’s hire at Majority Strategies, saying they are allowing it temporarily until the trial, according to Rick Tyler, Everhart’s successor as president of SGM. He said that SGM’s legal interpretation is that Majority Strategies is a competitor but that Elsass granted Everhart “a temporary dispensation” because Everhart “has to earn a living.”

“It is limited, temporary and conditional under court supervision,” Tyler said, adding that the litigation remains ongoing.

Update 2:07 p.m.

Everhart disputes Tyler’s characterization.

His attorney, Justin A. Morocco, said that the two parties negotiated an agreement that “permits Mr. Everhart to work at Majority Strategies in the area of voter contact direct mail products.”

The two parties agreed to an order that replaces a previous temporary restraining order against Everhart and allows him to seek employment specifically with Majority Strategies, according to Morocco.

Both sides said the larger legal conflicts are ongoing.

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