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House CSA Fans Send Out SOS

House staffers who’ve feasted all summer on healthful produce from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative don’t want the vitamin-rich party to stop. But they need some help to keep the fiberrific times rolling.

(Courtesy Barbara Riley)
(Courtesy Barbara Riley)

Barbara Riley, an aide to Rep. Ander Crenshaw, R-Fla., tells HOH those partaking in the nascent community-supported agriculture program are in danger of losing their neighborhood drop-off point (First and E streets Southeast) if they don’t round up more subscribers.

By Riley’s count, the group needs to nab 10 new members before the fall harvest gets under way (Nov. 4) or else they risk losing the cherry location.

“There is another pickup at 907 Maryland Ave. NE, but not as convenient for many staffers,” Riley said.

A Lancaster Farm aide indicated that the congressional clique has until Oct. 25 to corral new recruits. “I haven’t been contacted for a check on their number,” the CSA administrator said, noting that the group, at least so far, has had no trouble meeting the ordering quota.

Should they fall short, Lancaster would attempt to relocate the remaining buyers to the nearest pickup point at Maryland Avenue. Last resort: issuing full refunds to everyone involved.

But help is on the way: Lancaster is mailing out promotional materials to all its member sites on Sept. 23.

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