Sensenbrenner Stogies Have Staff Smoking Hot

Posted November 5, 2013 at 2:22pm

It seems some congressional neophytes don’t quite get that Capitol Hill plays by its own rules.

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)
(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

Take the enraged aide who’s had enough of a certain Wisconsin Republican’s stogie habit.

“Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner likes to smoke cigars. Lots and lots and lots of cigars. How do I know that? Because the entire 4th floor of the west side of the Rayburn office building smells … whenever he is in the office,” our irate tipster fumed. “Staff is in revolt.”

Riot all you like.

Though smoking is, in fact, verboten in common areas, the House smoking policy (approved by Congress in 2010 and outlined by the House Office Building Commission) clearly states that each member/office is the boss of each individual space. That means any office could suddenly become a smoking den at any time.

Team Sensenbrenner acknowledged that things occasionally get smoky — “I’ll confirm that he smokes cigars,” a Sensenbrenner aide told HOH — but maintains it’s never been an issue before.

Others have certainly noticed, but declined to spark an office war.

“We’re not gonna tell another member how to run their office,” a neighboring staffer said.