Republican Party of Va. Paid Home Schooling PAC Before Election Day

Posted November 13, 2013 at 4:43pm

A state Republican party committee paid almost $80,000 just before the state’s gubernatorial election to the PAC of  a national association that promotes home schooling and is known for its pre-election campaign volunteers.

The Republican Party of Virginia Increported today it had receipts of $370,647 and spent $452,296 during the month of October.  The committee, a federal account of the state Republican party, reported it had paid $79,500 between 10/25-30 to the Home School Legal Defense Association Federal PAC, based in Purcellville, Virginia. The payment was listed as a contribution.

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The committee also reported it received $271,200 from the Republican National Committee on 10/1. The committee reported transferring $138,000 to the Republican Party of Va. Non-Federal Acct on 10/25; and $75,000 to Obenshain for Attorney General.

Update: The Republican Party of Virginia Inc. amended their report on 11/14 to indicate that the $79,500 in contributions they made from 10/25-30 were to the Home School Legal Defense Association VA PAC, not the Home School Legal Defense Association Federal PAC, as originally reported by the committee.