Corporations Fund High-Style Operation of Section 527 Committee

Posted December 21, 2013 at 5:18pm

A national party campaign committee, that raises funds for state elections, has reported running a high-style operation with costs covered by corporate donors.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) reported it raised $1,451,978 during November and spent $969,321.

The expenses included $90,000 for event expenses at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay (HI); $84,869 for event expense at the American Club (WI); $38,115 for event expense at the Harbor View Hotel and Resort (MA); $10,964 for event expense at the Country Club of Charleston (SC); and $5,000 for an event deposit at The Broadmoor Hotel (CO).

Lodging expenses included $8,415 for lodging at the Ritz Carlton; and $8,766 for lodging at the Four Seasons. Possible in-kind corporate jet or air travel included $16,000 from Tower Loan (MS), and $1,900 from ETC Capital LLC (MI). Legal fees totaled $56,616. Ed Gillespie Strategies LLC was paid $20,000 for November.

Major donors during November included $105,000 from Reynolds American (NC), which has given an aggregate of $628,982 this year; $80,000 from Intuit (CA); $75,000 from Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NV); $75,000 from ABC Free Enterprise Alliance (VA); $55,000 from AT&T Services Inc. (DC); $50,000 from Hubbard Broadcasting (MN); $50,000 from Time Warner Cable (NC); $50,000 from Apollo Group (AZ); $50,000 from NJoy Inc. (AZ); $50,000 from Tracfone Wireless (FL); among others.