HOH Year in Review: It Takes a Village Edition

Posted December 31, 2013 at 11:30am

Keeping tabs on all the shenanigans our elected officials get into is what this column is all about. And, as you might have noticed, there’s more than enough ridiculousness to go around.

My former partner, Neda Semnani, was a wiz at ferreting out amazing tidbits about blundering pols and sex-starved government workers. And I manage to stumble into chuckle-worthy happenings every once in a while.

But, as we all learned from 80’s screwball comedies, the name of the game is teamwork.

Which is why I would like to lavish praise on all my hardworking CQRC colleagues for always keeping their radars up for bizarre political behavior.

Our entire newsroom helps make this little column shine.

Here’s just a sample of some of the whip-smart reporting I most enjoyed reading this year:

  • Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., comes up short: Best way to fly under the radar after a nearly career-threatening scandal? Flout decorum at your new-old job.
  • FLOTUS exercises her right to ignore Richard Simmons: but the notoriously short-shorted one ain’t sweating it
  • George Washington University shoots right past the Senate: It may be the world’s greatest deliberative body. But local b-ballers say, “Not in this house.
  • When art instigates life: that time GOP movie night threatened to devolve into a PR nightmare.
  • Your yacht or mine?: Hammering out bipartisan deals is a lot easier on the high seas. Particularly during happy hour.
  • Money shot: Nothing better than having a well-heeled pol attempt to play the pauper on camera.
  • It’s all who you know: Access is the ultimate currency in #ThisTown.
  • While all politics may be local, gossip is a global affair: You can’t shut down goofy shiite.
  • Turnabout is fair play: Congress puts us all through so much. Sometimes it’s fun to daydream about giving ’em a taste of their own bureaucratic medicine.

Seriously great stuff, y’all.