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Capitol Hill: Where the Wild Things Are

It appears that there’s a slightly dangerous, but very colorful character roaming around the Capitol complex in 2014.

Multiple sources tell HOH they have seen a sizable vulpes vulpes, or red fox, making itself comfortably at home here on Capitol Hill.

(Courtesy HOH tipster)
(Courtesy HOH tipster)

“It seems like he is just running around having a good time,” a congressional aide who crossed paths with the furry-faced interloper just outside the Capitol Visitor Center told HOH. According to our Wild Kingdom correspondent, the fox darted across the opening facing the Supreme Court before disappearing into the surrounding bushes.

A fellow staffer, who said he was strolling back toward the House office buildings after visiting the Capitol Christmas tree, stumbled across what both parties suspect is the same animal about a half hour before the Capitol Visitor Center sighting. “I saw this fox bounding across the sidewalk there,” he said of the encounter along the West Front, adding, “It was not a small creature.”

Both of the Capitol Hill spies said they kept their distance from the beast, but still got fairly good glimpses of the omnivorous predator.

A third party couldn’t help but wonder if this newcomer to our slice of the concrete jungle might be the same carefree rascal that skittered about during a summertime visit to the World War II memorial on the National Mall.

(Courtesy David Rogers)
(Courtesy David Rogers)

“He was just kinda going about his business. The people didn’t seem to concern him much,” our tipster said.

A spokesman for the Capitol Police said the department has not received any reports about the bushy-tailed visitor. But he noted that any time undomesticated animals roll into town, “We just call animal control and have them take care of it.”

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