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Trey Radel Wanders Away From the Web

Back before he got pinched for cocaine possession, Rep. Trey Radel would light up his various social media channels several times a day with snarky observations, behind-the-congressional-scenes videos and quirky selfies.

(Courtesy Trey Radel)
(Courtesy Trey Radel)

These days, his mind appears to be elsewhere.

Having recently returned to Congress after a brief stint in rehab, the Florida Republican has pretty much clammed up across the board. He has not shared anything on Facebook since blasting out his combo mea culpa/back-to-work statement on Dec. 29.

And Radel’s once robust Twitter feed boasts just three posts since a Dupont Circle drug buy blew up in his face back in November.

Radel’s office declined to comment on whether the radio silence is a mandatory part of his ongoing recovery program or a self-imposed moratorium. Regardless, the communication clampdown must be killing a guy who became a media darling via online antics such as:


7/25/13, 38 tweets: more loopy product reviews on a travel day


10/22/13, 29 tweets: sustained anti-Affordable Care Act assault sprinkled with just a hint of classic hip-hop and pop culture references


10/28/13, 22 tweets: bringing the whole world along on a Capitol Dome tour; tagged with  #treydome


9/4/13, 20 tweets: studying up on foreign policy during the House debates on Syria

We suspect only time will tell (or perhaps the proper authorities?) if Radel will ever overcome this sudden shyness.

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