Washington Insider Information Articles Win Journalism Award

Posted January 13, 2014 at 1:25pm

A team of reporters who revealed the extent of Washington insider government information provided to Wall Street traders, has won a journalism award from the Investigative Reporters & Editors organization.

The third place winner of the 2013 Philip Meyer Journalism Award was awarded to the Wall Street Journal series on “Leaky Washington.”The series of articles was written by Brody Mullins, Susan Pulliam, Tom McGinty, Michael Rothfield, Jenny Strasburg, Scott Patterson and Christopher Weaver.

The series of articles “examined how the shadowy world of Washington ‘political intelligence’ firms troll the capital for tips about coming regulatory actions and early peeks at economic data to give their stock trader clients an investment advantage over the larger public.”

The Meyer Award recognizes the best uses of social science methods in journalism.