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Best Job Ever. And It’s Yours.

So you’ve done it. Somehow — whether through good luck, hard work, a huge risk or just a big, karma-esque reward — you’ve landed your dream job. The pay is great, the hours are what you want, the experience is rewarding, and by all measures you’re succeeding in the role.  

You’re sporting a Cheshire cat grin, a hard pin, an AmEx Black expense account, whatever it might be. You can’t believe how great this job is! You don’t even need to read a job advice column, you should be writing this yourself.  

Hill Navigator is full of advice for aspiring job seekers and those who want to improve their situation. So in the spirit of fairness, we’re offering advice to those who have already mastered the game of job satisfaction, with the hope that one day, each reader will have a chance to be the recipient. 1. Use your lofty view wisely. You’re on top of your game, now is the time to reach out to those who are actively climbing the ladder. Take informational interviews. Accept those annoying LinkedIn requests. Mentor those who are in junior positions. Praise others around you for work well done (even if their accomplishments seem puerile and facile compared to yours). A successful person is not scared by others’ successes. And if you’re using your coveted spot to help others, there will be more people who want to see you succeed.  

2. Recognize the ups and downs of a dynamic market. Not many people in D.C. stay in power for very long. Even the president has term limits. Enjoy your dream job, but recognize that things can change quickly. CEOs come and go. Tech bubbles burst. Senators lose elections. Control of Congress changes hands. You would be wise to keep your network active, even if you have no plans to make a move anytime soon.  

3. Don’t be that person. Humility. In large doses. We all know how awesome working at the White House can be. If you need to remind someone, they probably don’t want to hear it. And especially avoid the humble bragging, even if it was POTUS who requested that you worked late, or you’re sick from one too many desserts on Air Force One.  

4. Give back. If you’re in the driver’s seat of acing life, now is the time to give back to those around you. Treat your staff assistant to coffee. Bring in bagels or order pizza for everyone. Take an old friend out to lunch. Some of us are lucky to know people who are unambiguously happy for all of our good fortune. These are usually our parents. For the rest of the world, be the person for whom finding a dream job has made them even more kind and considerate. Because — after all — you’ve found your perfect place to work. You don’t need the external validation, so don’t ask for it.

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