Americans Want Answers on Keystone XL Pipeline

Posted February 21, 2014 at 3:19pm

The Hill : “A majority of U.S. voters want to know where the crude oil transported through the Keystone XL pipeline will end up, according to a new poll released Thursday.”  

The poll, commissioned by billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s group NextGen Climate Action, shows that “voters aren’t aware of the final destination for crude oil that would flow through the proposed Keystone pipeline.”  

“85 percent of registered voters want to know where the crude oil coming from Canada will go and want their lawmakers to ask questions.”  

Meanwhile, support from former Obama administration officials, continues: Marcia McNutt, who headed the U.S. Geological Survey recently announced her support of the pipeline.  

“Earlier this month, Ken Salazar, former Interior Secretary said he thinks the administration should green light the $5.4 billion project.”  

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