Grayson Feud Boils Over Into Abuse Claims

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Posted March 4, 2014 at 6:13pm

Rep. Alan Grayson’s rapidly unraveling marriage is spinning even further out of control amid dueling allegations of spousal abuse.  

As first reported by the Orlando Sentinel , Lolita Grayson sought out a protective order against the Florida Democrat after a mutually agreed upon flare up at the family home this weekend. Per the Sentinel, Lolita accused her husband of forcefully shoving and knocking her down.  

Alan Grayson’s office issued a statement not only refuting the claims, but also challenging Lolita’s current mental state. “It has come to our attention that Ms. Grayson has filed a completely dishonest complaint against Congressman Alan Grayson regarding personal matters that took place last week. These allegations are absolutely false, completely unfounded, and clearly designed to vilify and harm Congressman Grayson,” Grayson’s communications crew asserted in a release, adding, “Sadly, it was Ms. Grayson who physically attacked the Congressman as he attempted to visit with his children. He did not respond to Ms. Grayson’s violent assault.”  

Per the statement, Lolita Grayson “has become increasingly erratic, and she has demonstrated an alarming disconnect from reality” since filing for divorce in January.  

“Congressman Grayson is deeply concerned by her recent behavior and is profoundly pained by her accusations,” his office relayed via the release. Additionally, staff assured CQ Roll Call that a Grayson aide witnessed the latest incident and could vouch for the lawmaker’s innocence.  

“Despite Ms. Grayson’s attempt to drag the family’s personal affairs into the public, Congressman Grayson would like to emphasize that this is a private family matter. His priority remains protecting the well-being of his five children during this painful process, and we kindly ask that you respect the privacy of all members of the Grayson family as they work through this difficult time,” the official statement pleads.