House Votes to Table Resolution Condemning Darrell Issa

Posted March 6, 2014 at 2:12pm

Hours after the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus introduced a resolution condemning Rep. Darrell Issa, Republicans shelved it.  

The House on Thursday voted 211-186, on a party line vote, to table the privileged resolution that would have implicated the chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee with violating “Clause 1 of Rule XXIII of the Code of Official Conduct, which states that ‘A Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, Officer or Employee of the House shall behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.”  

Ten members voted “present,” including most members of the ethics committee and Issa.  

On Wednesday, the California Republican shut off the microphone of ranking member Elijah E. Cummings as the Maryland Democrat sought to ask a procedural question and make general remarks following IRS official Lois Lerner’s refusal to participate in panel proceedings.

Issa said the committee had already adjourned and Cummings only wanted a chance to “launch into a diatribe,” while Cummings and House Democrats said Issa’s behavior was unbefitting of a committee chairman and disrespectful to the panel’s senior Democrat.  

CBC Chairwoman Marcia L. Fudge, D-Ohio, who introduced the resolution condemning Issa, also submitted a letter to Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, on Thursday asking that Issa be removed from his chairmanship for his treatment of Cummings, also a CBC member. But Boehner backed the chairman.  

Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., made the motion to table the privileged resolution.