Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Charity Work Crushes the Competition — With His Tank

(CQ Roll Call archives)
(CQ Roll Call archives)
Posted March 13, 2014 at 3:04pm

Forget breaking mere bread.  

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is upping the charity auction stakes by offering fans the opportunity to pump iron, co-pilot a tank and possibly chomp some stogies, all in the name of putting more money in the hands of After-School All-Stars.

Schwarzenegger has apparently owned the ground-pounding M47 Patton tank for 20-odd years now, but only trots it out on extra special occasions.  

Keeping his youth-oriented athletic program going — the non-profit organization boasts chapters across the country, including an outpost in Washington, D.C. — clearly qualifies, as Schwarzenegger is contributing his time (“you’ll live like Arnold for a day!” the contest page trumpets) and the tank adventure for only $10 (single entry).  

Whoever does win the all-inclusive trip out to LA should take comfort in knowing that their time will not be wasted: Ah-nuld has been on the vanguard of crushing stuff for decades.

Meanwhile, confidence is high you’ll eat like a king The King.  

Just a few weeks back, Schwarzenegger employed that very same armored ride as a cook-top to help prepare a 78,000-plus calorie bomb envisioned by the maniacs behind “Epic Meal Time.”

Entry fees for that dream package (starting at $10) are also expected to flow through to ASAS.