Journal Highlights Issues of Lobbying and Campaign Finance

Posted March 26, 2014 at 11:23am

Under the Influence? Probably, if you are involved with lobbying and campaign finance. A new election law journal highlights the current issues.  

The March edition  of The Election Law Journal: Rules, Politics and Policy , published by Mary Ann Liebert Inc.,  provides eleven articles and perspectives on lobbying and campaign finance issues. They are available online for free for a short time.

Articles and perspectives include:
-The Anxiety of Influence: The Evolving Regulation of Lobbying.
-Money, Priorities, and Stalemate: How Lobbying Affects Public Policy.
-The Seven Deadly Virtues of Lobbyists: What Lawyer Lobbyists Really do.
-Business Lobbying as an Information Public Good: Can Tax Deductions for Lobbying Expenses Promote Transparency.
-Congressional Staff and the Revolving Door: The Impact of Regulatory Change.
-The Tension Between Lobbying and Campaign Finance Laws: Rolling Back Gains Made Under the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007.
-The Forgotten Law of Lobbying.
-Outside Influence.
-Politics and the Public’s Right To Know.
-A Public Finance Model for Lobbying: Campaign Finance, and the Privatization of Democracy.
-The Party Line.