Web Comic Riffs on Jim Moran’s Plea for Higher Pay

Posted April 15, 2014 at 12:40pm

Internet celeb Remy Munasifi has worked up a new tax day ditty ridiculing wasteful government spending, tedious filing practices and a certain Virginia pol’s pitch to have Uncle Sam slip lawmakers a few extra bucks.  

In his latest bid to again strike viral gold, the right-leaning comedian twists Pharell’s smash hit “Happy” into an anthem for those beset by paying their fair share.  

One of the talking heads featured in the video is ID’ed as Rep. Jim Moranmor — a none-too-veiled-shot at Virginia Democratic Rep. James P. Moran, who recently told our colleague, Hannah Hess, that Congress-folk can no longer afford to live in This Town.  

“We are so underpaid,” the Moranmor character mutters as the song begins to trail off. We suppose Moran could shrug off the critique as more of the same from random Internet haters . But Munasifi — assuming the acid-tongued troubadour still hangs his hat in Arlington — is, theoretically, a constituent:  

And dude’s been sticking it to local politicians since at least the fall of 2006.  

That’s when the parody songwriter strummed his way into a nail-biter of a Senate campaign between then-Sen. George Allen, R-Va., and Democratic challenger Jim Webb by introducing the world to the “Macaca Blues”:  

Rock on, Remy!