UPS, FedEx Spend Over $3 million on Lobbying in 2014 Q1

Posted April 18, 2014 at 12:54pm

Two of the largest courier and shipping services have reported spending more than $3 million on lobbying the federal government during the first quarter.  

Both companies reported spending more than a million a month on lobbying legislation and regulations dealing with fuel taxes, trade, pensions, Department of Defense appropriations, security, healthcare, pharmaceutical distribution, and postal reform.  

The United Parcel Service  company reported  spending $3,044,992 during the first quarter, up from reporting $1,561,4140 during the fourth quarter of 2013. During the quarter the company also lobbied on the minimum wage issue. During 2013, the company reported spending $5.6 million. A company spokesperson stated there were no new projects or programs in the first quarter, but there were accounting changes and once a year compensation calculations. View multi-year spending chart .  

The FedEx Corporation  reported  spending $3,271,984 during the first quarter, up slightly from the $3,165,090 reported for the fourth quarter of 2013. FedEx also lobbied on the immigration issue in the first quarter. During 2013, the company spent $12,200,912. View multi-year spending chart .  

In other filings, the American Medical Association  reported  spending $6,310,000 on lobbying during the first quarter. This is an increase from the $4,240,000 they spent in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The National Association of Manufacturers reported spending $2,040,000 in the first quarter of the year, up from the $1,690,000 they spent in the fourth quarter of last year.

First quarter lobby reports are due on Monday, April 21st.