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DC Ducks Meets Roll Call After Dark

“There’s a lot of things you can do wrong,” said Capt. Bob, the DC Ducks skipper responsible for 19 souls in the “Rubber Duck” as it glided along the waterways of the Potomac, with Roll Call After Dark at the wheel.  

The author, taking command. (Humberto Sanchez/CQ Roll Call)
The author, taking command. (Humberto Sanchez/CQ Roll Call)

DC Ducks boasts of being “guaranteed and safe,” but it doesn’t take a flight of fancy to imagine bad things happening in a vintage 1942 DUKW amphibious military vessel. But on Tuesday, the Potomac’s high seas were friendly, and the author was able to bravely turn “Rubber Duck” a few degrees here and non before ceding the con back to Capt. Bob.  

If “Rubber Duck” could survive D-Day, it could certainly survive Roll Call.

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