218: Curt Clawson Would Make 50 Richest in Congress List

Posted April 24, 2014 at 4:04am

Curt Clawson, the self-funding businessman who won Tuesday’s Republican primary scramble to replace former Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla. (cocaine scandal), would be among the richest members of Congress if he wins the GOP-leaning Florida district in the special election June 24.

Clawson is a former college basketball star (during his campaign, he challenged President Barack Obama to a shooting contest) and manufacturing executive who spent most of the last decade running the world’s largest maker of aluminum auto wheels.

He loaned $2.65 million to his own campaign, according to his pre-primary Federal Election Report.

According to financial disclosures, the automotive CEO, who consistently cast himself as the Washington “outsider” during his campaign, has a minimum net worth of more than $13 million, which would place him in the middle of the pack on Roll Call’s most recent “50 Richest” list.

If Clawson wins the June 24 general election, he and another congressional newcomer, Rep. Vance McAllister, R-La., would likely be added to the 2014 update of the annual listing.

McAllister, who vowed he will not step down, despite an infidelity scandal involving a former staff member in his district office, has a minimum net worth exceeding $7 million, according to his financial reports. That would be enough to put him toward the bottom of the 50 richest list.

Bridget Bowman and Steven T. Dennis contributed to this report.