218: Steve Stockman Subject of Ethics Investigation, Steve Stockman Reports

Posted April 25, 2014 at 5:28pm

The Ethics Committee is supposed to release the name of a member under investigation in the coming days. But even if the committee remains mum, we now know the identity of the unnamed member, thanks to the Houston Chronicle.

Rep. Steve Stockman, who has faced a number of questions surrounding his financial disclosures and campaign finances is, according to the Houston Chronicle, the member at the heart of a new investigation from the House Ethics Committee.

On Friday, the Texas Republican told the Chronicle that his office was “aware of and is cooperating fully with the Ethics Committee’s preliminary inquiry into an [Federal Election Commission] reporting error.

“I thus join 34 of my colleagues who have also been the subject of an Office of Congressional Ethics review in the 113th Congress, and am confident the Ethics Committee will ultimately dismiss the matter after it completes a careful review,” Stockman said.

The Houston Chronicle reported last year that two Stockman staffers were fired in October for making prohibited contributions to the campaign last year.

From the Chronicle: