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King, Collins: Bipartisan Texting Buddies (Video)

Kids these days are always texting, and by kids we mean Maine’s senators.  

At a joint event on May 16 at the home of Margaret Chase Smith in which independent Angus King announced his endorsement of his Republican Susan Collins’ re-election bid, King said the pair traded messages about the endorsement that morning.  

“Susan texted me this morning and said, ‘Thanks for the endorsement,’ and I texted her back and said this was a very easy call, and it absolutely was” King said. “I think the people of Maine are fortunate to have a representative of her caliber.”  

Collins, of course, welcomed the endorsement.  

“I’ll also mention that it was Angus who taught me how to text,” Collins said. “Something that has made my nieces and nephews very happy.”  

“In all seriousness, I am truly delighted to be here today at the home of the legendary Margaret Chase Smith, who was such an inspiration to all of us who serve to represent Maine in the United States Senate,” Collins said.