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Former Lawmaker, Or Current? You Decide

We get that hanging it up after eight terms in the House must be tough. But ex-Rep. Leonard L. Boswell can’t seem to quit stretching the truth (facts be damned!) years after decamping from Capitol Hill.  

(CQ Roll Call Photo Illustration)
(CQ Roll Call Photo Illustration)

Not only is he misrepresenting himself as a still-sitting politico (strike one!), the Iowa Democrat is way off in terms of his now-nonexistent regional authority; your trusty HOH reporter resides in the land of milk and honey known as “NoVa” (strike two!).  

Then again, parting is such sweet sorrow, and some have trouble letting go.  

And he was forcefully retired by colleague Tom Latham, R-Iowa, during the previous cycle .  

So maybe we’ll let these glaring inaccuracies slide. (Just this once, though).