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Air Traffic Controllers Direct $800K to Super PACs

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association PAC  has reported directing $800,000 to Super PACs during April.  

The PAC reported it had receipts of $347,601 and disbursements of $934,485 during April, leaving $1,145,529 cash on hand as of April 30th. The PAC gave $800,000 to Super PACs and $111,000 to party committees, federal candidates and their committees.  

The PAC gave $400,000 to Majority PAC, a Democratic-oriented Super PAC; $250,000 to End Gridlock Committee, a Democratic-oriented Super PAC; $100,000 to the House Majority PAC, a Democratic-oriented Super PAC; and $50,000 to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican-oriented Super PAC.  

In other filings, Super PACs reported receiving more large contributions in April.  

Ending Spending Action Fund,  a Republican-oriented super PAC,  reported receiving $300,000 from Kenneth Griffin, CEO of Citadel LLC (IL); $300,000 from Linda McMahon, executive of McMahon Ventures LLC (CT); $300,000 from William Powers, investor (CA); $300,000 from Paul Singer, CEO of Elliott Management Corp. (NY); and $100,000 from William Oberndorf, managing director, SPO Advisory Corp. (CA).  

The Responsible Leadership for America,  a Republican-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $150,000 from the Caster Family Trust in San Diego, California.  

American Crossroads , A Republican-oriented super PAC reported receiving $100,000 from John Childs, CEO of J.W. Childs and Associates (FL); and $100,000 from William Oberndorf, executive, Oberndorf Enterprises (CA).  

The American Principles Fund , a Republican-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $205,338 from Sean Fieler, financial analyst with Equinox Partners LP (NJ).  

End Gridlock Committee , a Democratic-oriented super PAC, reported receiving $100,000 from Janice Brandt, retired (VA); $100,000 from Thomas Depasquale, co-founder of Outask LLC (VA); $100,000 from Mark Kington, investor, X-10 Capital Management LLC (VA); and $100,000 from Seth Klaman, CEO of Baupost Group (MA).

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