Bacon or Ice Cream? Taste of America, Round Deux, Will Decide

Jason Dick
Posted May 28, 2014 at 5:17pm

Round Two of this year’s Roll Call Taste of America is underway , with last year’s champ, West Virginia’s Pepperoni Roll, after polishing off Boston Cream Pie in Round One, facing off against Delaware Boardwalk Fries.  

The West Virginia-Delaware matchup isn’t the only Mid-Atlantic throwdown. Maryland Crab Cakes and D.C. Half-Smokes are also going mano a mano in the Round of 32 for bragging rights.  

In intriguing comfort food contests, it’s hard to beat the beef bragging rights at, ahem, stake, in the Montana Steak versus Idaho Steak Fingers fight. And how can one resolve the Missouri Ice Cream Cone and Iowa Bacon question?  

Vote early, vote often, as the purveyors of Chicago politics (and deep dish pizza!) might say.