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Former Member of Congress Cashes In on Connections

A former member of Congress is reaping the benefits of his work as a member who focused on transportation industry issues and now does lobbying for transportation interest groups.  

Former Rep. Jerry Costello , D-Ill., who served 24 years on Congress, spent the entire time sitting on the House Transportation Committee overseeing railroad, highway, transit and aviation issues. A new investigation by the Better Government Association found that the connections he forged while in Congress, are now proving lucrative for Costello as a lobbyist for transportation businesses and interests.  

While in Congress, Costello pushed hard for a $35 billion tanker contract for Boeing, now he is their lobbyist.  

In Congress, Costello worked to keep Scott Air Force base open, and now he is being paid to help keep it open from future base closings.  

As a member of Congress, Costello secured millions for the Madison County Transit District, and now he works as their Illinois lobbyist at $7,000 a month.  

The investigation also highlighted how Costello has continued to use his left over campaign funds to give campaign contributions to members of Congress, totaling $53,100 since he left office.  

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