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Redskins Magically Fumble Senate Shaming Campaign

They may not be much for winning on any given Sunday. But man, oh man, do the Washington Redskins know how to keep things interesting.  



Their latest attempt at generating positive press in the face of months
years decades of criticism stemming from an unwavering commitment to what a growing chorus of opponents perceive to be a grossly insensitive moniker couldn’t have been more of a disaster, as the incredibly overconfident front office tried to turn the tables on Capitol Hill by urging fans to flood the social media feeds of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., with pro-Skins rhetoric.  

The public relations audible comes just one week after half the Senate petitioned NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to follow NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s lead on Donald Sterling and big-foot Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.  

The Internet, naturally, exploded.  

And not exactly the way D.C.’s embattled football club likely envisioned.  

Sure, some supportive tweets broke through here and there.  

But the online discourse also veered into all kinds of morale-dampening territory, including:  


  • Revisiting White Power advocacy



  • Sparking unflattering armchair punditry



  • Spot campaigning



  • Kvetching about quarterbacks



  • Denouncing The Danny’s management style



  • And counting out the old Burgundy and Gold even before the first snap



One can only hope that if #RedskinsPride is, in fact, the brainchild of that new social media coordinator the team was searching for last month, said individual still has fresh resumes ready to distribute to other clearly-out-of-their-minds sports franchises.