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Koch Starts Lobbying on Campaign Finance Issue

The company owned by billionaires Charles and David Koch, who contribute millions to political advocacy groups that spend money on political advertising and impacting elections, has now started to lobby on the issue of campaign finance.  

The Koch Companies Public Sector LLC , an energy, manufacturing, trading and investment company, has contracted  with The Nickles Group to lobby the federal government on issues relating to campaign finance, and the wind energy production tax credit.  

The lobbyists at the Nickles Group will be former Sen. Don Nickles , R-Okla., and former Nickles assistant Marshall Hazen .  

Most of the political advocacy organizations that receive funds from the Koch brothers do not file public disclosure reports under the federal campaign finance laws, and many are non-profit organizations that do not disclose their donors to the public.  

It is not clear if this new lobbying effort is aimed to counter the efforts for a constitutional amendment stating Congress can regulate contributions and spending in federal elections. The Senate Democrats announced at the end of April they would schedule a vote this year on the issue. The Koch Companies Public Sector LLC contracted with The Nickles Group effective May 1st, but registered on June 6th. View Roll Call article on, “
Senate Democrats Begin Effort to Amend Constitution.