Reid Praises Miss USA Winner, Regrets Missing Pageant Finale (Video)

Posted June 9, 2014 at 5:11pm

The Nevada Democrat called Nia Sanchez “gifted beyond her physical beauty.”  

“I’m disappointed that I kind of caved in in watching the final of the USA, Miss USA contest because Miss Nevada won, and I’d like to have seen that,” Reid said. “I placed a call to her and I’ll talk to her as soon as she gets out of the clouds, where I’m sure she is now. But I congratulate the newly crowned Miss USA and that is our own Nia Sanchez.”  

“This woman was homeless, spent a good part of her young days in a shelter. She’s an exceptional Nevadan. She’s gifted beyond her physical beauty. she holds a fourth degree black belt in Tae kwon do, she is a certified instructor in the martial arts. when she is not practicing this Tae Kwon Do in her studio, she has her own studio, she is fighting on behalf of abused women,” Reid said. “I, along with all Nevada, congratulate Miss USA, Nia sanchez, on her well-deserved victory. I wish her the very best as she pursues the crown of miss universe and as she undertakes her duties as a global ambassador.”  

Reid was like many others having difficulty deciding about competing Sunday TV programs, given the Tony Awards, the NBA Finals, Sunday Night Baseball, and yes, the pageant.  

“I watched a little bit of each. Not a lot of each, but I watched them all,” Reid said.