Meet David Brat’s Core Contributors

Posted June 11, 2014 at 10:13am

Money did not play a big roll in the primary defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, but David Brat will certainly remember his early core contributors.  

David Brat , R-Va.., reported receipts of $206,663 from December 31st through May 21st, and disbursements of $122,792. His committee reported another $24,600 in last-minute contributions after May 21st.  

Major donors included $5,400 from Gerry and Karen Baugh (owner, Baugh Auto Body, VA); $5,200 from Louis McAlpin (writer, artist, MI); $5,200 from Martha and Kenneth Schwenzer (retired, VA); $5,100 from Martha and E. Todd Walker (VP, Hydro Tec Inc., VA); $5,100 from Oscar and Beverly Walker (retired, VA); $5,000 from Lisa and Gordon Miller (CEO, G3 Systems, VA); and $5,000 from Michael Vickers (chemical process technician, Marathon Petroleum, TX).  

He also received $3,000 from Elizabeth Powell (retired, VA); $2,600 from Walter Curt (president, Power Motors, VA); $2,600 from Elizabeth Jenks (retired, VA);  $2,600 from Yvonne Leveque (retired, VA); $2,700 from Will Denton (retired, Va.); $2,700 from Deborah Giffin (owner, Magenta Consulting, VA); $2,700 from Robert Keeler (retired, VA); and $2,700 from James Sanderlin (attorney, McGuireWoods, VA).

Also, $2,600 came from Daniel Brat (pathologist, Emory University, GA); $1,000 from James Brat (attorney, Pircher, Nicholas & Meeks (CA); and $1,000 from Paul Brat (retired, MN).

Other large donors included $2,500 from each of the following: Frank Bradley (real estate, VA); Martha King (retired, VA); Stephan Tetrault (retired, VA); Andrew Walker (supervisor, Covered Clearing Concepts, VA); Cary Katz (board member, College Loan Corporation, NV); and Lecia Smith (homemaker, VA).