Plotting Cantor’s Last 24 Hours as Leader

Posted June 11, 2014 at 4:38pm

He’s still a ways away from needing to haul a moving van to cart his legislative mementos back to Henrico County, Va. But it’s now painfully obvious that Rep. Eric Cantor is living on borrowed time in Congress.  

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

The Virginia Republican saw his career cut short Tuesday after suffering a stunning loss to relatively unknown economics professor Dave Brat in a history-making electoral upset .  

We suspect he’s already replaying in his head every single thing he could have done differently. One can only hope he’s sparing himself the indignity of compartmentalizing each crushing blow into a slowly unspooling shame spiral — though that might finally make for an interesting installment of the long-since abandoned “Snapshot of the Leader” series.  

Team Cantor briefly experimented with a torturous examination of the House majority leader’s daily activities, but appears to have given up on the documenting process after just 120 mind-numbing minutes.  

Hour One

Hour Two

Confidence is low they’ll revive the video diary for his last official day here on Capitol Hill. But we can’t help but wonder just what that might look like. Would he relive every nightmarish moment of his past 13 years in office, a la those cleverly edited super cuts of every horrific thing that’s ever happened to “24” agent/tragedy magnet Jack Bauer:  

Or would it be more like an episode of “No Reservations,” with cameras racing to keep up as Cantor grabs one more meal at the pricey steakhouses and upscale pasta joints he’s come to know and love (and freely expense) while conducting the people’s business?  

Stay tuned …