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Will Bergdahl Stay in the Army?

Defense One : “After 5 years of being held captive by the Taliban and amid accusations that he deserted that Army and should be court martialed, Boew Bergdahl returned back on U.S. soil wearing a U.S. Army uniform. And when asked if Bergdahl, 28, planned to stay in the Army, Army officials told reporters that ‘the goal of reintegration is to return a soldier to duty.'”  

“Since his recovery by U.S. special forces in Afghanistan nearly two weeks ago, Bergdahl has been recuperating at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. According to media reports, he has asked not to be be addressed as sergeant — the rank he earned during 5 years of captivity, according to military policy for ‘captured and missing’ — but rather as private, his rank when he disappeared in 2009. The Army said it will conduct a thorough review into the details surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance. If that investigation concludes Bergdahl deserted his post, he could be prosecuted under the military’s justice system and dishonorably discharged.”

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