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Candidates Rush to Collect Funds by June 30th Deadline

The 2014 U.S. Senate and House campaigns are rushing to collect contributions prior to the June 30th close of their financial books.  

Federal candidates and their campaign committees must close their financial books on Monday, June 30th, and publicly disclose their receipts, disbursements, cash and debt balances later in July.  

To many people, the mid-year disclosure reports are bell weathers for how well candidates are doing in attracting support, and how well they are organized. The reports also provide a comparison between competing candidates. For most campaigns, the next comparison point will be the third quarter disclosure reports filed on October 15th.  

2014 candidates and their campaigns must file their mid-year report by July 15th. Quarterly PAC and party committees must also file by the 15th. Monthly PAC and party committees must file by July 20th.  

View FEC Filing Deadline notice .