Congress-edits Is Just the Latest to Keep Tabs on Pols’ Cyber Stumbles

Posted July 11, 2014 at 12:36pm

Another day, another resource to expose the often clueless political operatives who foolishly tool around the Internet believing their subversive activities — be they illicit, shady or just plain dumb — will never come back to bite them in the arse.

It’s getting so that overzealous Hill staffers and campaign spin doctors can’t rewrite history without someone calling them out for flooding the online ether with lies, damned lies and, well, you know the rest.

Senate hopeful Mike McFadden, the Republican pick to challenge Minnesota Democrat Al Franken this fall, received a crash course in transparency after aides got caught tinkering with unflattering responses to a divisive TV spot.

And the ever-vigilant Sunlight Foundation has turned its attention, via its “Politwoops” project, to preserving the nonsensical pocket tweets and rhetorical misfires pols (and their press secretaries) attempt to wish right out of existence.

Congress-edits is the latest addition to the “can-you-believe-what-they’re-up-to?” caucus. Per its anonymous creator, the less-than-week-old scourge tracks any changes made to Wikipedia by any computer registered to Congress, and then blasts out alerts when Capitol Hill types adjust the living, crowd-sourced records.

The fledgling bot has so far uncovered:

A plug placing Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, amongst Corpus Christi’s most vaunted.

Congress Edits is Just the Latest to Keep Tabs on Pols’ Cyber Stumbles

Former Senate aide Brian Darling’s affinity for fluffy felines.

Congress Edits is Just the Latest to Keep Tabs on Pols’ Cyber Stumbles

And a reference, with corresponding photo, to a chance meeting between President Barack Obama and some yahoo sporting a horse head mask.

In their defense, at least the info massagers snared by the Congress-edits dragnet were doing something somewhat work related.

It’s gotta be better than getting booted after the boss discovers — with a little help from the IP trackers at ScanEye — that you’ve consumed public bandwidth and precious tax dollars streaming pirated versions of:

Gritty cable dramas

Long live SAMCRO!

Jarring documentaries

Rich. Poor. We all wind up looking like jerks once the cameras start rolling.

Award-winning flicks

Interpol, schminterpol.

Sci-fi shows

Can anyone resist the Winchester brothers?

Animated fare

La-la, la-la-la-la. La, la-la-la, ugh.

reality programming

(*Drops the mic*)

Now, get back to work. All of ya!