Ultimate Capitol Hill Internship Guide

Posted July 13, 2014 at 2:24pm

Looking for a Hill internship? Trying to parlay your current internship into a full-time staffer position? Got interns you’re managing?

Roll Call’s “Ultimate Capitol Hill Internship Guide,” written by former eight-year Hill staffer and current Hill Navigator columnist Rebecca Gale, levels with you about what you need to know to ace your Capitol Hill internship.

Part 1
Best Intern Ever: 6 Rules for Success »

The 6 rules every intern should know. And follow.

Part 2
Getting a Job »

Give yourself the best chance to parlay your internship into a full-time staffer position.

Part 3
It Happens: When the Job Does Not Work Out »

Your internship is over, not your entire Hill career.

“Piloting one’s career through the world of Washington and Congress can be intimidating, confusing and downright scary for the uninitiated. I’ve been impressed with Roll Call’s Hill Navigator column. In a short time, Rebecca Gale has established herself as an expert in offering shorthand counseling in an easy-to-read format.”

— Bradford Fitch, president and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation

HL-Intern-Guide-Cover(550x700)Welcome to your Internship. Let’s get started.

In nearly every office, at anytime of day or year, there are new interns on Capitol Hill. Some are here for college credit, some are aspiring to land full time jobs, some have a piqued interest in the way Congress works or the chance to rub shoulders with the government’s legislators.  

But not all interns are created equal. And Hill Navigator acknowledges that not all interns come prepared. This is many interns’ first professional exposure, so aspects such as dress code, social media policy and even punctuality may be out of their realm of understanding. Some internships are part of a larger program that might include trainings, mentorships, realistic expectations and extracurriculars — visits to the White House and Capitol Dome tours — that can set interns up for success, and a positive internship experience can be instrumental in landing a paying job.  

Internships are finite. There are always more bright-eyed, wannabe staffers ready to take your place, so it’s up to you to make the most of it while you can.  

Hill Navigator was an intern once (really, who in DC was not once an intern?) and wants to see as many interns succeed as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled an updated collection of the best of Hill Navigator with input from our friends at the Congressional Management Foundation.  

Good luck!

Ultimate Capitol Hill Internship Guide: 6 Rules for Success

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