New Energy Policy Center Launches at Penn

Posted July 21, 2014 at 5:00am

“The University of Pennsylvania has received a $10 million donation to create a center that aspires to develop new energy policy by reframing the relationship between research and practice,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.  

“The Kleinman Center for Energy Policy will be named for donor Scott Kleinman and his wife, Wendy. He is a Wall Street private-equity manager and 1994 Penn alum.  

“It will be directed by Mark Alan Hughes, a professor of practice at Penn’s School of Design. Hughes was the city’s first director of sustainability and is a former adviser to Mayor Nutter. He was architect of the city’s Greenworks sustainability plan. Hughes envisions the center as a forum where leading industry, environment, and government leaders can resolve some of the nation’s most vexing energy-policy stalemates through compromise and consensus.”