How Should Climate Change Be Taught?

Posted July 23, 2014 at 2:40am

“The battle over climate science in schools is heating up,” National Journal reports.  

“Earlier this month, a coalition of national science-education advocates released a students bill of rights asserting that students across the country should be taught the scientific consensus on climate change. The consensus view held by 97 percent of scientists, according to reviews of the academic literature, holds that the planet is heating up and human activity is the primary cause.”  

“Currently, however, a patchwork of state science standards exist that do not mandate the consensus view is taught, leaving the door open for controversy over climate change to get equal airtime in many classrooms.”  

“Should there be a national set of science-education standards that mandate the teaching of the climate change consensus? Or is this a question best left to individual states, counties, schools, or teachers to decide? Are there risks involved if we don’t standardize climate science education?”