The Terrifying State of U.S. Nuclear Weapon Security

Posted July 29, 2014 at 6:00am

John Oliver delivered a devastating commentary on the state of U.S. nuclear weapons security:  

Said Oliver: “Let’s recap: Within the last 12 months we were in a situation where in the event of us launching a nuclear strike, the president’s command would theoretically have gone through a man gambling with fake poker chips, who would’ve then tried to call a drunk guy wrestling with a Russian George Harrison, who would’ve then needed to send someone with a bag full of burritos to wake up an officer and tell him to go grab an LP-sized floppy disk and begin the solemn process of ending the world as we know it.”  

Tim Starks : “And while it sounds funny if you just read that paragraph out of context, Oliver masterfully builds toward that brutal summary. Which makes it so much less funny, in a way.”