Houston Companies Advance Military Vet Hiring Push; Possible ‘Vet Hiring’ Resentment at Federal Level

Posted September 15, 2014 at 9:12am

The Houston Chronicle reports that “almost any online search engine will yield hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs for veterans in Houston in most every field, including health care, oil and gas, administrative, labor/skilled workers, marketing, human resources.”  

“With Houston’s two most prominent industries, oil and gas and health care, jobs are plentiful.”  

“Moreover, these industries have focused initiatives to recruit veterans that include attending veteran job fairs, and on military bases prior to those servicemen and women being discharged.”  

Meanwhile, Stars and Stripes reports that “President Barack Obama’s push to hire military veterans for jobs across the government is fueling resentment in federal offices, as longtime civil servants and former troops on the other side of the cubicle increasingly question each other’s competence and qualifications.”  

“With veterans moving to the head of the hiring queue in the biggest numbers in a generation, there’s growing bitterness on both sides, according to dozens of interviews with federal employees.”