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‘Dogs Impersonating Biden’ — It’s a Thing Now

In a world flush with insanely candid shots of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. being, well, Bidenesque, there’s only one way to outdo the freewheeling almost-leader of the free world: pair him up with canine doppelgangers.  


At least that’s what online photo hound “delrayser” has done with the nascent “Dogs Impersonating Biden ” site.  

“I think Joe Biden’s great, for a lot of the same goofy, lovable reasons that dogs are. I expect that’s why people find the Tumblr funny,” the visually motivated blogger said of this new pet project.  

The surreal matchmaking service was launched late last week after delrayser stumbled upon a rib-tickling social media post.  

“My original inspiration was the photo of Biden looking out a window … and it struck me as funny because of the sullen expression on his face. Sort of like a dog staring out the window after you when you leave the house,” DIB’s creator explained. “So I found a comparable photo and posted them both in a tweet.”  



Biden kicked the door open even further by getting caught in the now iconic I-always-don-Aviators-before-devouring-ice-cream pose. “The photo’s amazing in its own right, but since I already had dogs on the brain, I found a photo of a dog eating ice cream with his head tilted at the same angle, and posted it to Twitter,” delrayser explained.  



With two successful synchronizations already in the can, ramping things up into a dedicated web page became a no-brainer.  

“It just seemed like the type of dumb, nonsensical idea that’s perfect for Tumblr,” delrayser said.  

After posing an informal poll on Twitter (“I got enough positive responses that I thought I’d give it a shot,” delrayser said) and quickly scanning the web for readily available fodder, delrayser began cranking out the kooky couplings in earnest.  






Just how long can this image repurposing party possibly continue?  

“There’s enough funny Biden photos to keep me in business for a while,” delrayser predicted.  

It might even stick around long enough to elicit a shout-out a la the full circle “Texts From Hillary” parting shot .  

“I doubt the VP will ever see it but I suspect some of his staffers have, and I’d love to know what his reaction would be if they showed it to him,” delrayser said. “Hopefully he’d take it for the compliment that it is.”  

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