PA Law Firm Hosts Brazil Team Investigating Shale

Posted October 16, 2014 at 9:19am

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “As Brazil seeks to develop its shale reserves, a group of delegates representing energy companies, government and business groups stopped in Pittsburgh to see what lessons could be learned from the Marcellus Shale.”  

“About a dozen representatives were hosted by law firm Reed Smith, which fielded questions about drilling techniques, regulations and the environment. The visit, which includes meetings with state regulators and drilling companies, followed two days of meetings in Washington, D.C., that started Sunday.”  

“Speaking through an interpreter, Sandro Angelo de Andrade, vice mayor of the city of Patos de Minas, said the region currently relies on farming and that natural gas development ‘will bring a new economic future and provide new jobs … and help farmers lower the cost of their energy.’”