Boston Terrier Intent on Conquering D.C.

Posted October 23, 2014 at 11:13am

Rep. David B. McKinley ought to thank his lucky stars a certain someone wasn’t feeling that ambitious Wednesday when he sauntered into the West Virginia Republican’s congressional office.  

Based on what we know now, that impromptu visit from a seemingly confused pup could just as easily have spiraled into a hostile takeover.  

You see, HOH’s new friend, Clark, has big plans.  

The civics-minded pooch tends to mug for the camera (a la his antihero idol, Frank Underwood).  

And is not averse to bucking the system in order to resolve pressing personal priorities.

Like so many others floating around #ThisTown, Clark openly embraces his narcissistic tendencies.  

But he will stick his neck out for those he believes in.  

As his social media feed confirms (he’s been posing up a storm since earlier this year), Clark is not afraid to mix and mingle.  

Yet he declined to string along potential gal pal Sassy out of deference to his human.  

“Unfortunately, I am only one, and Mom won’t let me date until I am two,” Clark explained via email.  

It’s disappointing we couldn’t help Clark make a love connection.  

Though we have it on good authority, the dude rarely sleeps alone.  

Play on, playa.  

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