Congressional Ribbing Devolves Into Game of Moans

Posted November 17, 2014 at 5:11pm

Mischief makers in the employ of Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn went medieval on one of their own in an ongoing prank war commemorating everyone’s unrelenting march toward grim death.  

Deputy Chief of Staff Mike Reynard, who formally entered middle age (Happy 40th!) on Sunday, discovered a certain cherished memory plastered across the entryway to his workplace upon strolling into Cannon Monday.  

(Courtesy HOH tipster)
(Courtesy HOH tipster)

“Given the history of good family fun in our office, it came as no surprise to me. I figured winter was coming,” Reynard said of the snapshot of him perched atop the ultimate seat of power from HBO’s bloody, incest-driven family drama, “Game of Thrones.” Per Reynard, the picture was taken earlier this spring when the Iron Throne was opened up to us commoners by the Newseum to help promote the Second Annual Creativity Conference.  

Once he divines who would dare mock his affinity for George R.R. Martin’s sordid imagination, Reynard vows to seek satisfaction for the affront.  

“I am in the process of narrowing down the list of suspects directly responsible,” he suggested. “And their guilt or innocence shall be determined in a trial by combat.”