Where Is Climate Change Still Being Debated?

Posted February 12, 2015 at 5:15am

Inside Climate News : The League of Conservation Voters “tracked senators’ votes on 18 different environment-, climate- and energy-related amendments attached to the Keystone XL bill, as well the Keystone bill itself. The report’s results demonstrate the sharp partisan divide likely to rule Congress’ climate-and-energy decisions for the next two years.”  

“They also provide a glimpse into where the issue of climate change is—and is not—being debated within the United States. Twenty-four states had senators split on the issue, with one voting pro-environment and the other voting anti-environment most of the time.”  

“Overall, Republicans voted pro-environment just 5 percent of the time, on average. In comparison, Democrats voted pro-environment 93 percent of the time, on average.”