‘Walking Dead’ Wanders Into Steve Stivers Territory

Posted March 3, 2015 at 5:00am

After five seasons of fighting off fearsome, reanimated corpses that have relentlessly thinned their ranks and gruesomely robbed them of loved ones, the ragtag band of apocalyptic survivors on AMC’s engrossing drama “The Walking Dead ” have finally stumbled upon a new threat: a survivalist federal lawmaker.  

The run-down crew of unturned humans, led by former law enforcement officer Rick Grimes, finally reached the haven known as “Alexandria” in Sunday night’s episode.  

The exhausted travelers soon learn they were summoned to the Northern Virginia stronghold by Deanna Monroe — the one-time representative from Ohio’s 15th District who has been comfortably riding out the horrific end-of-days scenario in her unsettlingly tranquil, gated community.

Unlike faux pockets of power created by other TV franchises (we’re looking at you, dearly departed “Parks and Recreation ”), Monroe name-checks the seat currently occupied by Ohio Republican Steve Stivers.  

The three-term pol got quite a kick out of learning his real job had been co-opted by the must-see series.